Raymond Atteveld (Academy Director AEL Limassol):

TDC is a kind of Office system with all parts in one; no other system offers this.

With the TDC system you can plan your training sessions and games in a very affective way. Player data (text, numbers and video) can be used for our evaluation with players and staff. Creating a training exercise is facilitated by the database that can be filled with training sessions. Because of this, the coaches have access to the type of training that is suitable for their players. Everyone develops in an optimal way.


Fons Groenendijk:

I have, during my training and work practice, seen other video analysis systems.  Most of them are okay to work with, but TDC is much more extended. The concept was not only made for video analysis, but offers much more functionalities.


Paul van Lith (ADO Den Haag)

We chose for the TDC concept because it is a complete system to monitor the player’s performance and for its video analysis system and the medical module.  We can follow players on the computer throughout the years, because ADO Den Haag works with TDC. We can collect and manage all match data, analyze this and make proper reports relating to the performance of our players.


Jan Zoutman:

We have chosen TDC because we didn’t have an analysis system with VV Ijsselmeervogels. After several demonstrations of different providers, we chose TDC because we wanted all information in one system. The most important thing for us is the video analysis system. Because it includes a player monitoring system, we can keep track of everything on a player’s level. It also includes an automated periodization module, which is a fantastic tool for us. When I compare TDC to other systems, I find TDC simpler to use and they offer much more functionalities.