System requirements

System requirements:

The minimal system requirements of your desktop computer or laptop for using TDC are:
Windows® System 7, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows XP Professional SP2 or better.
Internal memory: 2Gb or more.
Processor: AMD Turion, Intel Core Duo , Intel I3 , Intel I5 or Intel I7.
Hard disk: 2GB free space available on hard disk for installation.
Video Card: 256 MB or more free space available. (No shared memory).

The desktop computer needs to be updated with the latest version of Windows® system. Because of the installation of SQL2008 R2 this is very important. This installation requires a couple of service updates.

Also, .Net framework needs to be updated with the latest version (version 4.0). This update is part of the Windows® system update but isn’t part of the essential updates. This update needs to be selected separately.

TDC can be installed on a Macbook Pro with the following requirements:
The Macbook Pro needs to have an Intel Core Duo, I3, I5 or I7 processor.
Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 with the same requirements as mentioned above, needs to be installed via Bootcamp. When this is done, TDC can be installed and executed.