Every club depends on a good scouting department to yearly have the highest ranking possible on the charts. To process the different scouting reports many clubs use Excel and Word. Occasionally self made databases are also used. All different scouting reports are manually imported in the Excel files by an employee o f the club. The work is than actually done twice and there is always a chance of making mistakes in the manual transfer of this data. The file is also not always up to date. It should be so that if a scout enters data in a software program, this data should be processed in the club database directly.

TDC offer this possibility. Our concept provides the scout with the opportunity to add all relevant data of a player, be it in text, numbers or video footage, to the player’s file. A scout can work off line (at home, in a hotel room etc.) and when the report is finished, with a click of the mouse button, he can send the information, over a secured internet connection, to the club database. An easier way to collect, store and process players data is not available in the market.