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Do you recognize your self in this picture?

You have ended an active career as a football player and were looking for a new challenge in the football environment. A job as a trainer was very appealing and therefore you have decided to start your education as a (youth) trainer at your local association. You are now active as a trainer for a while and start noticing that monitoring the player’s improvement on the training ground and on the pitch is rather chaotic at your club. Video footage to confront the players with their pattern of behavior is not used at all. You have also noticed that youth players more than often make use of an Ipad, a cell phone and or a laptop. They also use the social media like Facebook and Youtube quiet often, but the club is not exploiting the possibility to be in contact with its youth via these social networks. It looks like there is a big gab between members of the club who want to use the digital information within the club and those (officials?) who don’t see the relevance of this at all.

The club has a need of better structuring its (digital) information. It looks like you’re the only one who notices this and since you are looking for a new challenge, you have decided to become the clubs first Performance Manager.

What will be the duties of a Performance Manager?

The Performance Manager will manage all player data within the club. He will shoot video footage of the training and the games, make nice collages and present these via the internet to the trainers and the players. Trainers can use the footage for match analysis and pre/post match evaluations. Player can show the video footage via Facebook or Youtube to their friends. The Performance Manager will also make interactive players evaluations that will not only exist of text and numbers, but also video footage will be added to the evaluation. Parents will be asked to join the Performance Manager in the process of information management, so they will see that they receive more value for money (contribution) than before. Video footage is what it is all about now a days and youngsters love the fact that their latest achievement on the pitch is now available for them on their cell phones and other devices. The Performance Manager will be the center point with regards to digital player’s information within the club. He will be in charge of the collection, storage, distribution and overall management of the digital player’s data of the club.

The Performance Manager will also keep players from leaving the club because of reasons of dissatisfaction. He will see to it that more players join the club because of the revolutionary use the club makes of the advantages the information era provides it with.

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