About Us

Every person who works in the sports environment has certain ideas about how collecting, managing and providing information could be improved within that organization. A trainer, for example, would like to keep records of his administration in one system and also manage his training data and make analysis of a match in the same system. The medical staff would like to have all medical data of a player saved in one file. A scout wants to add all relevant data of a player, be it in text, numbers or video footage, to the player’s file, so that he can look up that data 24/7 with a simple click of his mouse. And of course the management has wishes of her own.

Our goal, is to match up to the wishes of all departments of a club or association in one system. Advised and supported by people whom each won their spurs in the world of sport, we therefore created The Digital Club.

The Digital Club develops software for sport clubs and associations, but also for trainers in particular. Our software system provides the possibility to collect the information within your organization in a user-friendly manner. This information is collected individually, stored centrally in one database and is distributed to the right people. Because of our software functionality within the organization increases, efficiency improves and the quality of all persons involved enhances drastically.