26-11-2012 What can I do with an analyzed match?

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The match has been played, you would like to go over all the events to improve the results of your team. All the events of the match that you find important, can be entered in the TDC-system, for example by using camera footage. In the last news blog we have shown you several parts of our match module that can help you  analyze the match with your team. With simple options like drawing on the screen, to zoom in and out and to add 4 different camera angels, you can explain your vision on the match in a very clear and constructive way.

Today, we show you more tools (that are very often used by trainers) that can be used for a good post match. By using  2D images, text, video footage and documents (like snapshots) you can illustrate your points. The players can clearly see what you mean, you can prevent many questions/discussions and the system will contribute to improve the level of the team.

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