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A modular concept in which players data is collected in one central server. Al video images, evaluation reports, medical data, contract data and for example test and training data of a player are available with a simple mouse click.

The Technical Director, the Head of the Youth Department and the physiotherapist have, because of a tremendous amount of player data, more insight of his performance, his injuries and value for the team.

In a demo we would gladly show you the efficiency improvement and the possible savings in costs that can be achieved with the implementation of our concept.

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TDC Club


Do you also experience a decrease in membership numbers of your club? Do you trainers adequately support the need of the players to make use of video images of games that can be placed on the social media they use? TDC Club offers you a platform in which all players data can be collected. All his video images can be made available for use on Facebook, Youtube and his mobile phone. Players evaluation now has a new dimension. Players love this and the involvement (of the player and his parents) with the club is stimulated enormously.

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TDC Trainer


You have spent a lot of your time in development, followed various courses and are now working as a trainer for a club. How can you, in a relatively simple manner, collect and monitor as much information as possible of your players from games and training sessions? Can you afford a concept that contains, amongst various other items, a team agenda, an exercise library, a game analysis module and a players evaluation tool? TDC Trainer offers you the above mentioned in one program for a very reasonable and affordable price. We are just one Phone call away….

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